"Working with Lynette was a profound and very spiritual experience. Lynette gently guided me into a past life as well as a visit into what many of us would consider Heaven. I appreciated her gentle style and felt so safe and comfortable throughout the whole experience. Lynette took the time to listen to my story and helped me connect my past life to my present circumstances and helped me arrive at amazing revelations which brought me much hope and comfort during a very difficult time in my life. Lynette is a true healer and connected divinely to the spirit world. There are no words to express my gratitude toward Lynette for providing the services that she does and would highly recommend Lynette to anyone who is in search of answers to issues they are having or just curious to explore the unseen. Lynette is a true, seasoned professional and offers a warm and nurturing energy that makes one feel comfortable and safe immediately." - Kelly - Phoenix, AZ


"I was chatting with Lynette one day about some issues I was working through.  She suggested that hypnosis may be able to help me.  I had been hypnotized many years ago and knew of its value and decided I was interested.  Together Lynette spent some time working on a customized hypnosis "plan" that she thought would help me.  All the while Lynette made me feel at ease.  The actual hypnosis was very surprising and Lynette was amazing.  She explained the process, made me feel very comfortable and safe.  She is so gifted!  Her insight made sure that the hypnosis plan was the right one for me and I felt at peace after our session.  I look forward to our next session.  Thanks, Lynette, you are such a gift to me and have helped me so much." - Suzanne - Arizona



"I highly recommend Lynette for hypnotherapy.  I have had two hypnotherapy sessions with her so far.  She allows you the time needed to fully explain what issues you want to work on and is able to quickly create a specific hypnosis to meet your needs. Her patience and skill are evidenced in the quick results that I have observed in myself.  She has also hypnotized my 13 year old daughter.  Also, very noticeable, positive results were apparent shortly afterwards.  She is a caring, adept therapist." - Heather- Arizona


"I have had a lot of experience with hypnotherapy sessions and feel that the way Lynette set up my session was perfect. She first asked questions that she was then able to determine the underlying issue.


I feel that she helped me tremendously get over fear and anxiety stemming from lack of self-confidence leading to my memory deficiency. What a boost it was to remember!  Thank you Lynette! It has helped in many more ways than just the one we worked on. " - Cynthia - Arizona


"This experience was a first for me.  Lynette provided a complete background on the process and outcomes of hypnosis.  Her professional and gentle manner was apparent from the beginning and I was completely at ease.  It was apparent that she drew from our initial conversation to make this a meaningful and lasting experience for me.  After the session, I was surprised to learn that I remembered what was going on during hypnosis and felt a calmness I hadn't expected; the headache I had when we started was gone!  Thanks for being a consummate professional.  I look forward to another session in the near future." - Linda - Tucson, Arizona


"I, being a skeptic of hypnosis, was provided with an explanation of what hypnosis is and the relevant role it can play in our lives.  Provided with that information, I was put at ease and felt acceptance of the process.  Lynette is a gifted and graciously giving person who easily projects her intent of being there for you.  The guided imagery and dialogue she uses during the process seems tailor-made for her client.  There’s no “cookie-cutter” process here.   After the session, I felt very relaxed and refreshed.  I was amazed that I remembered everything that was said during the session.  I continue to think about what was unlocked and reflect on that information when I am met with the obstacles I am trying to overcome.   I look forward to the next session with Lynette to fortify what I have already experienced.  Thank you, Lynette, for your gift." Barbara – California


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